Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blogspot and the stat's count

Really strange, about an hour ago my stat's for hits zeroed out, on all four of my accounts, which aren't linked together at all. Really strange behaviour for Blogspot. Anyone else having this problem ?

New water Purifier

Finally broke down yesterday, and went out and got a water purifier for the faucet in the kitchen. After looking at the different models and methods, we finally ended up with the type that connects to the faucet, and runs it through a charcoal type filter. We had thought about the type that sits on top of a  pitcher, that you fill and then place in the fridge, but decided that would be more of a hassle. One other deciding factor was that the filter also works with chlorine, which was a major factor for me. The chlorine tastes horrible, and just dries my mouth out immediately after taking a drink. BLECH!!! I did notice that the water that is ran through the purifier, runs really slow, so it may take awhile to fill a two gallon container for my homebrewing. I hope that the trade off is that the taste of my homebrew beer will be much much better. Keep your fingers crossed, and if you have any helpful hints or idea's, be sure to leave comments. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Homebrew beer and PUR water filters

 Been at this for awhile now, and havent had a batch that has turned out decent yet. In my last post, i mentioned that i was going to try a few gallon's of bottled water, but that would cut into the reason for homebrewing in the first place.
 What i am thinking, is that i may go get a water purifier of some sort, and try a batch of homebrew with that.  am looking for anyone that might have some experience using a water purifier, that may be able to leave some comments, and put me in the right direction with this idea.
 Thanks for reading, and i look forward to the comments.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Homebrewing your own beer

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 Been at this homebrewing my own beer, for about a year now, and still have not had any great results from it. No matter what flavor malt we try, different storage methods, time periods etc etc, it still all comes out tasting about the same. Out of 15 batches, we have only had one that came out halfway decent, and that was only a few bottles. The only constant thing that has been the same, is the water. For some reason, the water out here that comes from the tap is different that in Port Angeles. I was thinking of buying a few gallons of water, to see if it made a difference or not. I know that will cut into my savings, and the whole reason for making my own beer in the first place, but i need to know.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dumb stuff

 This is going to be where i post all the dumb stuff that is trending on the internet. The dumber the better.